About Us


In 2010, we were “MediaWave”, a company operating an innovative SMS service aimed at fighting music piracy and creating incremental digital revenues for music labels. We transformed existing local radio broadcasts into realtime digital music stores, listeners tagging their favorite songs directly off the radio in realtime as aired via premium SMS and the tagged song would be delivered to the user’s mobile and email simultaneously.

Over the years, the service expanded into a feature rich digital platform; The MediaWave Digital Platform, today owned and operated by itagit technologies FZ-LLC.

The technology behind the MediaWave Digital Platform is the brainchild of Founder and CEO Mr. Adham Maghraby. Mr. Maghraby holds three patents for the MediaWave technology along with several pending applications with the USPTO, EPO and WIPO.

MediaWave enjoyed several success beyond its aggregated IP position in the US and Europe. It was recognized as a finalist in the “Ebda2” innovation competition competing against 4,000 companies in Egypt sponsored by Google. In the early years, MediaWave delivered more than 200,000 audio / video files to more than 75,000 unique subscribers via its pilot projects testing and fine-tuning its media solutions. MediaWave also enjoyed its first B2B licensing agreement, when select features were licensed to a major consumer brand to be part of its ongoing digital marketing campaign on Facebook.

Technology Entrepreneur & Angel Investor; Mr. Moustapha Sarhank incubated the MediaWave operation through its early years of development and through the tough years during the Egyptian uprising. MediaWave went into stealth mode, aimed at streamlining its operation and focusing on developing the technology and business models behind its unique value propositions. His belief, commitment, both financial and personal, insight and mentoring helped steer the operation to where it is today.

In Jan 2016, MediaWave enjoyed its first successful fund raising round, aimed at driving its aggressive go to market phase. Under a new corporate structure. Itagit Technologies was incorporated and acquired 100% of MediaWave holdings, including all its IP and assets.

Today, Itagit Technologies is focused on delivering enough sustainable innovation that it disrupts the global media interactivity and content consumption market category. We are resolving music discovery fragmentation by consolidating mobile discovery tools into a single innovative discovery app rich in features to enhance the music discovery experience. Live event interactivity has literally been re-invented, with our patented technology at its core, we bring innovation to the market with an app that offers realtime content tagging and capturing during any live event. We are also transforming TV consumption, with the introduction of an intuitive mobile app aimed at enriching user behavior, allowing users to capture content directly off broadcast TV in realtime. Itagit technologies also recognizes the enterprise opportunity in this market segment, allowing for its customized digital solutions offering to media networks, content publishers, consumer brands, mobile operators and advertising agencies.