A Corporate Mandate – Why Do We Exist?

Itagit technologies FZ-LLC is a well-funded, innovative mobile media startup operating its proprietary MediaWave Digital Platform. Its unique suite of mobile applications and customized digital solutions aim to consolidate, innovate, transform and enhance specific user experiences in the media interactivity and content consumption category worldwide.

The Market Category

The media interactivity and content consumption market category constitutes a mammoth opportunity. Many social, economic and technological trends contribute to its continued proliferation. The incredible user adoption of smartphones and tablets around the world; the continued expansion of the global internet infrastructure, the increased production rate of all forms of content, be it analogue, digital, audio or video and its ubiquitous distribution across media networks worldwide, along with the ever growing consumer engagement rates across social media worldwide are just a handful of the market trends driving this category.

Global consumers, male and female, of all ages and all socio-economic categories, carrying both smartphones and legacy phones feed off this immense market category, continuously seeking faster, easier, cheaper and more innovative and intuitive ways to discover, interact, identify, capture, stream, download and share their favorite content as it airs across all media sources be it broadcast, cable, satellite or IP based radio or TV, or even a live events and venues.

The category is underserved, under monetized with plenty of room for innovative user experiences. Itagit technologies decided to focus on three prime sub-categories within this expansive market, namely; music discovery, live event interactivity and TV consumption.

TETHER : Consolidate

Music discovery is fragmented. Even though existing apps enjoy strong market presence, they individually focus on one or two features only, failing to aggregate the full range of possible discovery tools into a seamless user experience. We consolidate and streamline existing tools, add new innovative features and interconnect music aggregators in a cohesive, feature rich mobile app.

TVTAG : Transform

The majority of TV consumption today remains “passive”, one sided and lacking the technology that would democratize aired content, allowing realtime content capturing, editing and sharing for a truly personalized viewing experience.

LIVETAG : Innovate

Live event interactivity only exists as UGC. The vast live events market lacks innovation when it comes to user interactivity during an event, presenting a huge underserved market opportunity. It’s the natural evolution of live event consumption. An app that allows realtime content tagging during a live event.

Event producers immediately recognize that a realtime second screen mobile experience during an event allowing for content capture by the attendees of the event, would only drive incremental monetization and user engagement rates.

ITAGIT™ : Enhance

Itagit technologies also recognizes the enterprise opportunity in this market segment, allowing for the licensing of its full feature set to develop customized digital solutions for media networks, content publishers, consumer brands, mobile operators and advertising agencies. Further enhancing their existing digital offerings

Itagit technologies proudly presents its suite of innovative mobile brands and apps, TETHER, LIVETAG and TVTAG & ITAGIT™

Genesis of an Idea

Realtime is the best context.

Sumner Murray Redstone, an American businessman and media magnate coined the phrase “Content is King” referring to the fact that if you own the content then you own the user. Years later, the phrase “Billing is Kingkong” was introduced as a follow up to the Sumner phrase, because you can have great content but if you can’t bill the user for it, then it’s useless, so the billing entity owned the user. I believe that if “if Content is King and Billing is Kingkong”, then “Context is their Kingdom”.

Patented Technology

Apps that tag any content off any media, in realtime!

The prime inspiration that drove the genesis of the original SMS service, was directly related to the “realtime capture of a song off broadcast radio as it played”, not before it played or after it played. It was during the song was playing does the emotional driver take control of the purchase and interactivity behavior of the user. Context comes into play. Relevance of time comes into play. The need for realtime interactivity with the environment comes into play as the need arises, driven by emotion.